We at Willage Sports make high quality hard plastic cricket bats (full size) for tennis balls , TESTED for Strength & Handling, with comfortable grip, ENHANCED with slightly curved sweet spot. Weight 800-850 gm.

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Introducing the Willage Agni Bat A revolutionary cricket Mongoose bat that is crafted to set the cricketing world on fire.

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Willage Plastic Cricket Kit Hunter Bat with Grey Stumps & Yellow Wind Ball Commodity: Cricket Kit In-Box: Hunter Plastic Bat

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Cricket Wind ball Pack of 3 calcium free cricket synthetic wind ball with perfect bounce & long life.
Cricket Tennis Ball WillAge Cricket Plastic Wicket Stumps Set
  • Willage plastic bats (Made of high-quality grade “A” hard plastic) goes through a range of TESTS for ideal weight division and quality. Willage plastic bats (full size) made for tennis balls are played & tested for their durability & performance on field by hard hitting batsmen. Also, our cricket plastic bats have slightly curved sweet spot for 6X Power Shots. The weight extend is 800-850 g, in short, best for both gully cricket & box turf cricket!
  • With broadened and curved sweet spot on a bat with 3-inch plastic blade, undeniably ables the bat to thrust the ball to the boundaries for long shots!
  • The real element due to which this bat able to make powerful multidirectional shots is hidden in 2 things, FIRST one is the quality & type of the grip, & SECOND is the way the grip pulled over the bat. The Pyramid textured grip made of 100% pure comfortable extra thick rubber allows the player to execute difficult shots with ease. Not only this, the grip is pulled over the handle by highly skilled individuals in such a way that it provides a strong hold over the bat’s handle for power hitting. The special technique used, evidently, makes the grip very strong. Extra thick rubber provides longevity to the grip & better handling for batsmen!
  • Plastic bat made by Willage are of high-quality Grade “A” PVC hard plastic material whose looks are enhanced with stunning looking labels which are heated over the bat for better hold, with WILLAGE branding, which not only makes it visually impressive, but also make a mark on field. At Willage Sports, the visuals of the bat are equally considered with its strength & performance.
  • We believe in staying ahead of the curve by assuring customer satisfaction. As we focus on minute details for the performance of the bat, we also take care of timely delivery of your sports goods equally. Most importantly, multiple payment methods accepted with Customer Support which is available 365 days of the year, specifically for better customer experience. Finally, Stay updated with our upcoming cricket sporting goods launches & updates. Connect with us onFacebook,Instagram, andYouTube.